Mike brings his wealth of knowledge and wisdom gained through years of experience as an entrepreneur to assist your business in a precise and measured manner.


Having started his first business at age 15, Mike determined his passion early in life was building relationships and working with others to help them follow their dreams.

With three decades of entrepreneurial experience behind him, Mike now likes to focus on using the knowledge and expertise he learned to assist others as they build their futures.


  • Business Structure and Setup
  • Real Estate Investment and Management
  • Technology, from Computers to Gadgets

  1. Always smile and treat people well…they will remember that.
  2. Take the time to listen, you learn more with your mouth closed and ears open.
  3. The more you are willing to fail, the more you will succeed.

Continue to build and strengthen the relationships in front of you and mentor those around you.  When we give back, we will receive…Pay it Forward!